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Save Water with Wash Maximizer I

Close the plate-washing loop in the dry charge operation by installing Tiegel's Wash Maximizer I. This will reduce waste water to 40 gallons per three shifts. Water is saved in three ways:

  1. Water from the SmartDry is cooled and returned via a cooling tower or heat exchanger.
  2. Slow flow is at a minimum while maintaining washing efficiency with three slow flow tanks. Ninety-nine percent of acid is removed. H2SO4 of up to 4 percent concentration is recovered for re-use in wet battery production.
  3. High-flow, salt-free wash water is recirculated through Tiegel's unique acid-sponge beds. The remaining 1 percent of acid is neutralized and does not come in contact with the product. The recovered acid and salt-free water is filtered for any remaining particulates. This produces crystal clear water for washing plates and elements.

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