The Makers of Innovative Battery Equipment

About Tiegel

Tiegel Manufacturing Company has been designing equipment to meet the unique needs of the battery industry for over 50 years. In this five-decade span, the company has earned a reputation for outstanding customer service and consistently reliable, efficient equipment.

Our patented machines and innovative processes have helped customers worldwide improve their profit margins by

  1. Increasing productivity: Our fully automated equipment maintains consistent operation and produces a much higher battery yield per day.
  2. Improving battery quality: Batteries produced with our patented equipment come out 99% acid-free, clean and dry.
  3. Reducing costs: Tiegel Manufacturing's advances in waste recycling eliminate the need for costly disposal while protecting the environment. And because our machines are virtually maintenance-free and designed with energy-savings in mind, the cost of ownership is drastically reduced.

As we move into the new century, Tiegel Manufacturing remains committed to developing new technologies and improving existing ones in order to ensure that our customers stay competitive today and in the future.

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